Debt Collectors/Buyers And Collection Lawyers

On this page we will be listing a number of debt buyers and debt collectors who file suit in Alabama. We will also list some brief information related to some of the Alabama collection lawyers that file lawsuits for debt collectors and debt buyers in Alabama.

Debt Buyers/Debt Collectors

Capital Financial Credit, LLC is a company that does not seem to be filing a large number of cases, but we do see them from time to time.  I know that they claim to buy Citibank debts.  They claim to buy them from New Century Financial Services, Inc., which allegedly buys the debts from Citibank.

Of course there is a difference, in trial, between claiming something and proving something.

We have seen Capital Financial send a witness to testify which separates Capital Financial from most of the other debt buyers in our experience.

Keep in mind, there is a difference in having a witness and having a witness that can actually offer legitimate evidence in support of the claim that Capital Financial owns the debt it is suing on….

This company will either threaten to sue, or will actually sue, after it has lost a case against an Alabama consumer.  I don’t think Capital credit reports but certainly suing an Alabama consumer (or threatening to sue) after a judge has ruled that the consumer owes nothing to Capital Financial is disturbing.  And illegal under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  We just sued Capital Financial for this so we see what their excuse is but the lesson is to be careful with these guys.  [Update on 11-23-11 — Capital Financial has explained why this happened and the explanation makes some sense.  We will see if this is a one time problem or a recurring problem.]


Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC is a company that files a lot of lawsuits in Alabama.  They also normally credit report.  Its website lists this as the meaning of the name:

Our motto is “Cavalry………to the rescue” and we believe in making a difference one person at a time.

I really don’t know what to say about that.  I know we have sued them numerous times for false credit reporting, including reporting after Cavalry lost at trial.  I’m not sure what the “rescue” was or what “difference” was being made but that’s how it goes for debt buyers who won’t prove their case and refuse to remove false credit reporting information.

I’m also not sure how their conduct that led to us suing Cavalry numerous times fits with their motto on their website:

At Cavalry, the CUSTOMER is King!

May they treat you like a king or at least with respect and dignity as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act requires.   We have sued Cavalry a number of times for violating state and federal laws.  We’ll see if they have changed their ways.

To my memory, they are always represented in Alabama by the collection lawfirm of Nadler & Nadler.


LVNV is a company that files large numbers of zombie debt lawsuits in Alabama.   While we are constantly told that “this time we will actually bring a witness and prove our case” we have not seen this happen yet.

LVNV definitely credit reports so if you have been sued by LVNV, check out your credit reports.

LVNV is a related company to Sherman and Resurgent, so if you see those names, normally LVNV is close by.

If you win your case against LVNV, you’ll want to make sure it deletes the credit reporting.  If it doesn’t, let us know as we have handled many cases against LVNV for this identical situation.  We are preparing a case against LVNV for this conduct right now (and for continuing to collect on a non existent debt) as it is still not cleaned up its act.

Also be on the alert for LVNV suing you after you have settled a debt.  We have run into this and it is very disturbing for you as a consumer to settle a debt and then be sued by LVNV.  Here is an example of a suit we filed against LVNV for suing after settling a debt.

It is very disturbing to LVNV when it gets caught doing this.  There is a high price to pay for suing someone who a debt collector or debt buyer knows does not owe the money.

Well, a high price if you catch them and then take action.

Here is an example of an Alabama consumer taking action against LVNV for continuing to collect against her after she won her collection lawsuit.  Another example of a lawsuit against LVNV for false credit reporting after our Alabama consumer won the LVNV collection suit.  On February 18, 2012, we sued LVNV and a collection lawfirm for continuing to collect after our Alabama consumer won her LVNV collection case.

Sometimes LVNV will lose a case, and then hire a new collection agency to collect the debt that the Alabama consumer does not owe — here is an example of LVNV hiring the Northland Group.

Midland Funding is a large debt buyer that files a tremendous number of suits in Alabama.  The parent company is Encore Capital Group.  Midland and Encore are famous — make that infamous — for filing thousands of lawsuits with bogus affidavits.  In Alabama we don’t normally see affidavits with collection lawsuits, but this gives you an idea of what it is like to deal with Midland.

I remember one trial where the collection lawyer tried to prove that Midland owned the debt by offering an affidavit.  Except it had the wrong company listed as owing the debt — not Midland Funding.  She tried to convince the judge it was a typo but he said “If you can’t even get the name right, why would I believe you have the more substantive parts right?”

Good question.

We have not sued Midland lately but several years ago we filed dozens of lawsuits against Midland for continuing to falsely credit report after our clients won their collection lawsuits.

Recently we have seen Midland lose a lawsuit.  Then deleting the credit reporting.  So far so good.

But then it reports the debt again with a slightly different account number and then threatens to sue the consumer.

Uhhmmm…. not so good for Midland.


Collection Law Firms

Cloud & Tidwell

This is a Birmingham, Alabama, collection law firm that we have recently observed representing LVNV.


Couch, Conville & Blitt, LLC

This is a law firm out of Louisiana which has offices in several Southern states, including Alabama.  It often represents LVNV.  You can read about a recent suit by an Alabama consumer against the Couch law firm for continuing to collect after the consumer beat LVNV, represented by Couch, in a collection lawsuit.


Halcomb & Wertheim

This Birmingham, Alabama collection law firm does not, my knowledge, represent debt buyers but instead represents original creditors such as Regions Bank, etc.


Holloway & Moxley is a Montgomery firm that we see filing suits for Midland Funding and, recently, for LVNV.


Nadler & Associates is a Birmingham firm that files lawsuits for Cavalry and other companies.


Nathan and Nathan is a Birmingham collection firm that files a large number of lawsuits for original creditors and also for certain debt buyers.  We have seen suits filed for LVNV and others by Nathan and Nathan.


Parnell & Crum is a collection lawfirm out of Montgomery, although now I believe they also file lawsuits in Mississippi.  We see Parnell & Crum filing on behalf of a variety of debt buyers including Capital Financial Credit.


Zarzaur & Schwartz is located in Birmingham, Alabama, and we believe it is the largest collection lawfirm in Alabama.  Zarzaur & Schwartz files for many original creditors as well as virtually all of the debt buyers, including LVNV and Midland Funding.


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