Welcome to SuedByADebtCollector.com

This site is designed for Alabama consumers who have either just been sued or who are facing a potential lawsuit by debt collector or a debt buyer.

The purpose of this website is to even the playing field so that you will not be at the disadvantage that most consumers are when being sued by a professional debt collector and a collection law firm.

So we put together this website and we will continue adding new content to it in order to share with you some general thoughts and knowledge and hopefully point you in the right direction. As with all of our websites, and indeed with our practice itself, our objective is to give you information so that you will have the knowledge of your rights and then to encourage you to take the appropriate action.

In order to do this, we have videos that you can watch.

A long listing of words and definitions related to debt collection lawsuits you can read.

Information about the court that you have been sued in.

Information about various debt buyers and collection law firms.

We also have our much requested “Five Secrets Debt Buyers Don’t Want You To Know When They Sue You In Alabama” available for you if you are in Alabama.  We do not charge for this report.

You can also sit down with us if you’ve been sued  and we will have a free consultation with you for one hour and go over your four options. If you live outside of  the Birmingham area, we will do a free phone or Skype consultation.  We represent Alabama consumers who have been sued in all parts of Alabama.

You may wonder why we are going through the effort of creating this website and sharing our knowledge that most lawyers will not share, but instead, will require you to pay for.

There are two simple reasons. One is based upon our belief about the abuse that occurs when Alabama consumers are sued by debt collectors and debt buyers. The other is a very practical business reason.

First, we have very rarely seen a debt buyer even attempt to prove that it owns the debt that it is suing you on. Most of them are quite content to trust that you will not respond to the lawsuit and therefore they do not have to prove anything.

If we can help you understand your rights then we can stop some of the abuse that occurs when people who really do not owe a debt are nevertheless forever scarred by having a judgment against them which can wreck your credit report, result in your bank account being wiped out (garnishment) and up to 25 percent of your wages garnished.

The second, and practical pragmatic business reason, is that we know debt collectors’ first instinct is to break the law. If we can share with you knowledge so that you can defeat the debt collector or debt buyer in its lawsuit against you, we know that statistically a high percentage of debt collectors will not follow the law after losing in their collection lawsuit against you.

We can sue the abusive debt collectors and the defendant can be required to pay our attorney’s fees. So the more knowledge that we can share, the more likely you are to come back to us when you are dealing with an abusive debt collector – either related to the collection lawsuit or some other debt collector that has violated your rights.

You can always get in touch with us by calling us at (205) 879 2447 or you can contact us through our website form on this site. You are also welcome to check out our other family of consumer protection websites that are listed on the side of this website.

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